Friday, October 1, 2010

So theres' nothing new today. Instead I leave you with Duck Nut, my homage to someone's interpretation of the Pokemon Black/White starter silhouettes. I would buy ten copies if he was real.
Course work is killing me, I really anticipated having something new up today but apparently I was wrong. Something very soon. As soon as I finish this stupid concept art. Zapdos, Toxicroak and Chikorita are coming up first thing.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll have something better up by Saturday, too much school work to dedicate a lot of time on pokeymans right now. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Didn't have time to do any new pokeman sketches
So have the Buttmen series


Monday, September 27, 2010


Just fixed my wacom, so starting to draw shit that people asked for. I start with Diglett.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I think I'll just make this a "post a pokemon drawing daily." blog.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mrs. Ketchum Rape

I figured it was about high time I draw a reaction image. If anyone wants a pokemon related reaction image, tell me what pokeyman and what expression and I'll get around to it. In valve time.

Why I think the shitstorm surrounding DMC5 (DmC) is unwarranted

     Avid Devil May Cry fanatics all over the internet have been crying in protest at the teaser trailer for 'Devil May Cry 5'. Normally these fans will shit bricks over any, and everything that's coming out of Japan, regardless of quality, but perhaps this is where the problem lies. Devil May Cry 5 (Sorry, it's called "DmC" now.) is being released by a UK developer.

     Videogame fans are some of the winiest fans out there. Rivaled maybe only by Trekkers and Anime junkies. Any time a discrepency comes along, the fans are there to whine and moan about it until the developers are forced to crush any semblance of creativity to appease their buyers. We saw this example with Infamous 2, where the fans rallied up petitions and whine-campaigns for the devs to change Cole back to his original form, Sucker Punch had little choice but to settle even. Thus far there seems to be even more rage surrounding the DmC trailer, spawning hateful death threat YouTube comments towards Capcom.

Beloved Video Game Icon or Chip N' Dale Dancer?
     The DmC trailer (which I've embedded below) features a lithe, dark haired boy messing shit up in the typical Hack and Slash fashion. If this were not a DMC title, most people would probably play the game without any qualms. The issue here, is between the general intelligence of the fans of the series and what Ninja Theory (Not to be confused with Team Ninja) plan to do with the game. Unfortunately, most fans lack the innate ability to INFER things, and thusly do not understand what's happening in the trailer. NO, Dante did not lost 90lbs of muscle, 6" of height and his shaggy (if a bit homosexual) white hair. I doubt even NT (responsible for the monstrously disappointing Heavenly Sword) would be so stupid. No, the fact is, that while it may be DMC5, this is in fact, meant to be more of an origin story, set before even DMC3. The Dante in the trailer is not the hot-headed, smug, campy as hell Dante we all know (and some love). He is a younger, more rebellious, and lankier version of his older, more familiar self. Unfortunately 99% of the userbase of YouTube fails to understand this.

     I, personally, think this is refreshing. Ninja Theory's lead designer stated that what "was cool 9 years ago is not cool now." Venturing into past fashions, bootcut jeans and velour tracksuits, there is a weight of truth in his statement. The re-boot has definitely made Dante's image more "current", but of course, ultimately we'll have to see how the game is in terms of gameplay. Characters are only so relevant.